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How to Make the Best Sandwiches

ola-mishchenko-600012-unsplashWe all know that sad lunch feeling: another turkey sandwich, another salad. But sandwiches and salads don’t have to be sad — you just need the right ingredients to liven them up.

Build a Better Sandwich


Get your bread fresh from a bakery or grocery store each week if you can. It will make your sandwiches much tastier and more hearty, keeping you full and satisfied.


If you’re a meat eater, always go to the deli counter of your local store for freshly sliced meat. This will usually be tastier than packaged options, and you can choose the amount you want depending how many sandwiches you’re making.


You can also pick up cheese at the deli counter. Grab at least two different varieties at once so you can switch things up during the week.


Wash your greens when you bring them home, or buy pre-washed greens, but note those are generally more expensive than bulk greens. Spinach, arugula and romaine lettuce are good go-tos, but we like to buy whatever is on sale so we’re constantly trying new greens!


Go for the freshest seasonal tomatoes when possible. Use your sharpest knife to slice them thin so they don’t slip out of the sandwich. Season with a little salt & pepper. Hint: keep the knife out to make a tomato relish while tomatoes are still in season to savor that sweet taste all year long.


Mayo, Mustard & More

We know some kids (and adults) prefer ketchup on everything, but for sandwiches mayo and mustard are best.

Having a good mayo on hand is key; you can spruce it up with some fresh herbs, lemon juice or hot sauce. That way, you’re constantly getting slightly different flavors on your sandwiches.

For mustard, always have a Dijon and a spicy brown on hand. Those will pack the most punch for your sandwiches.


A good rule of thumb for any kitchen is to always have some citrus on hand. Lemons are the most common, and you can use a bit of juice to brighten up the veggies for your sandwiches and salads. A squeeze of citrus also helps keep avocado from browning!

Red wine vinegar is what makes sandwiches at old-school Italian delis so delicious (along with the best quality meats, cheeses and bread, of course!) A little oil and vinegar provide tons of flavor, and the oil gives you a good dose of healthy fat. Use your olive oil bottle so you don’t drench the sandwich.

jonathan-pielmayer-89798-unsplashPickles, Peppers & More

Pickled EVERYTHING will make your sandwich pop. A little sour zing is always a good thing, especially when it’s pickled hot peppers. Always have at least two pickled vegetables on hand.


Assemble any wet ingredients (aka veggies and pickles) last, or as close to eating as possible. If taking to school or work, wrap tightly and bring plenty of napkins.

You don’t need much more for excellent sandwiches! Tag us @quoconow with your best pics.

Get chopping!


Avocado Toast


Avocado Toast. I hope this trend never goes out of taste. It is such a satisfying meal?…snack?…both? Anyway, as I started my Sunday morning enjoying a go-to favorite nosh of protein, healthy fat and carbs (sounds pretty balanced to me) with a cup of hot coffee; I was reminded of a 60-Minutes interview earlier this year where Australian real estate mogul Tim Gurner stated that young adults would be more likely to buy a house if they didn’t spend their money on things like dining out and more specifically, buying avocado toast. When this interview took to the internet becoming viral I could help but feel a bit offended (and apparently I wasn’t alone ).

Trust me, I enjoy going out to eat or for drinks with friends just as much as the next millennial but the difference is I get more joy out of re-creating meals at home that I would have gotten out and paid double the price for (because….the cost of living in 2017). The average cost of cooking a meal at home is $4 vs $13 at a restaurant. Plus, I get to choose where my ingredients come from (I like to buy organic where I can) and I can even make adjustments to make recipes my own. Imitation is the sincerest for of flattery, right?

But I know this isn’t reality for everyone. For those who may not feel as confident in the kitchen this may be a difficult task. But I say you have to start somewhere, right? and why not with your own version of Avocado toast.

My favorite thing about this dish is there are a million and one ways to customize to your liking. The type of bread, smashed or sliced avocado, with or without an egg, tomatoes, cheese, fruit, nuts, red pepper flakes, hot sauce, spices. Need I go on? The point is, you could probably make yourself Avocado toast and brew coffee at home and save close to $20 and feel more satisfied. I’m a classic gal when it comes to my AT, with either sliced or smashed avocado (really depends on the ripeness of my avocado on hand) and will top with a crispy, buttery fried egg and top with either hot sauce (M and I are hot sauce lovers) and a sprinkle of Everything Bagel seasoning* (if you haven’t tried it – you need to get your hands on some because you can put it on literally anything..ANYTHING and it will taste SOOOO good). Within five minutes you can have your own customized delicious snack.

So maybe I’m not running out tomorrow to go buy my dream home, but I take comfort in knowing that I save money when I can while I do something that I love which is cooking. You tell me, what’s your favorite way to eat Avocado Toast? I want to hear.

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