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It’s Time! Tomato Recipes for Summer

They’re here! It’s July and we’re talking tomatoes. If you can resist eating all your ripe tomatoes with just a little salt & pepper, here are our favorite summer tomato recipes.

Grab your serrated knife and cutting board for the easiest tomato action!

  1. Tomato Peach Salad with Basil
    With all seasonal ingredients, this tasty summer treat is a show-stopping salad.
    Tip: Add burrata or mozzarella for a more substantial dish.
  2. Easy Vegan Bruschetta
    A simple go-to snack or appetizer. Kids like it too!
    Tip: Don’t have basil? Use up any fresh herbs you have on hand! Set aside a few plain ones for the kids.

  3. Tomato Margarita with Fennel Salt (or just regular salt!)
    Try this summer sipper in the backyard or on the porch. You’re welcome.
    Tip: Not feeling the fennel? Plain salt will do! Still feeling a bit fancy? Try a mix of Old Bay and salt on the rim!
  4. Easy Gazpacho
    Tip: Use your garlic tools & oil pourer from Box 1 to make this recipe even easier. This is a fun, customizable recipe, so don’t stress!
  5. Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce
    Tip: You can make this in advance and leave it either chilled or at room temp for later! It actually tastes better the longer it sits.

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Easy Homemade Salad Dressings

Dressing.jpgCongrats guys! We did it. We made it through yet another winter that felt like a bazillion days long (especially since NY is about to experience our 4th Nor’Easter in about two weeks) But we’re here, it’s staying lighter longer which is awesome and on our way to warmer weather.

And speaking of lighter, let’s talk about salads. Nothing says warmer weather than a salad with fresh & colorful ingredients with an amazing dressing. Because in my opinion, a salad is nothing without a dressing.

Now, what goes into your salad is totally personal preference or what your in the mood for or what’s in season. Coming into spring we’ll see a lot of fresh lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, carrots, kale, broccoli, peas, radishes, spinach …AKA ideal ingredients for a salad. And although we can find almost all of these veggies year round, they are usually less expensive and in abundance when in season.

But let’s get back to dressing. Usually, oil and vinegar based (vinaigrette), a dressing is what holds the salad mix-ins and  most importantly provides the flavor. But a vinegar based dressing is not the only kind out there. You can incorporate avocado, mustards and citrus and create many delicious dressings. My favorite go-to when crunched for time is simply olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon, salt & pepper. So easy and even more refreshing.

But it can be a little over whelming when searching for the right salad dressing in the store and often many store bought dressings hold very little nutritional value so why not save some money and calories by making your own?

So lets kick off the start of spring with a burst of flavor with some quick and easy DIY salad dressings:

Cilantro Vinaigrette
Cilantro Vinaigrette
Italian Dressing
Lemon Vinaigrette
Honey Mustard Salad Dressing
Homemade Asian Salad Dressing
Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing

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How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

IMG_3310 (1).JPG

Has anyone else noticed that is has been staying lighter later? This makes me very happy. I know I am not the only one who feels this way, but feeling like you have more daylight in a day makes you feel more productive.

It was a busy weekend for me between dinner with our best friends, visiting family and watching a close friend christen their adorable baby girl, the weekend just seemed to fly by. It’s weekends like this that make me very anxious if I don’t have time to prep food for the week. And since I knew I wasn’t going to have all my usual allotted time on Sunday, I knew I had to keep it easy and simple.
So I decided to make hard boiled eggs for quick weekday breakfasts & snacks. These are often a staple in my house. M will take a few to work for breakfast, and I like to have them as a mid-day snack. Although my weakness is avocado toast with a crushed hard boiled. But the potential goes well beyond just these two.
IMG_3309 (1).JPG
Knowing how to hard boil eggs is an essential skill to have, only takes a few minutes from start to finish and the clean up is almost non-existent. There are varying techniques that you will find online, I have seen a ton lately using the uber-popular InstaPot but since I have yet to jump on the bandwagon I can’t say for sure how they hold up. However, I am sharing with you the recipe that I find this is the most common and, tried & true.
  1. Place eggs in a pot. Cover eggs with cold water until completely covered (by approx. 1 inch of water).
  2. Bring water to a boil.
  3. Once boiling, remove the pot from the heat and cover.
  4. Let eggs sit and cook for 4-10 minutes depending on your liking (4 minutes for soft, 8 minutes for medium, 10 minutes for hard).
  5. After desired time is up, immediately place into an ice bath to cool.
  6. Once fully cooled, refrigerate until ready to eat.*

You can deshell right away or keep them in their shell until you are ready to eat – totally personal preference.