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Cozy Instant Pot Recipes for Fall

Instant Pots are all the rage this Fall – the best season for cozy recipes.

Serious Eats has more about what an Instant Pot is used for, and we have to agree — it’s only worth it if you don’t already have a pressure cooker.

You can make some great meals (and cakes!) quickly — but the other functions that make it a multicooker can be done with regular kitchen equipment.

We think the Instant Pot is a great cooking tool since it cuts down on time and can do so many things.

As Daniel Gritzer said in Serious Eats:

As the name implies, what’s most appealing about a multi-cooker is the range of cooking options it offers. It steams! It sears! It simmers! It cooks beans! It cooks rice! It cooks stews! It cooks chili! It makes yogurt! It’s a pressure cooker! It’s a slow-cooker! It can make my bed and clean my toilet and rub my feet and sanitize my dentures! All! In! One!

Here are a few recipes we made so far this season:

IMG_1340 copySquash soup

From the Instapot recipe book (included with the pot!). This is a tasty, velvety, vegan soup!


Curry recipes are great because you can sub any ingredients you have on hand. The spices are what make it great, and you can adjust based on what spice level you like.

IMG_1488 copyRed Lentil Kale Curry

Lentils are cheap and healthy, so keep them on hand! You can sub in any greens you already have.


IMG_0641 copyChickpea Curry

This recipe is one of our favorite curries. The cauliflower really makes it tasty, but you could sub broccoli or just leave it out if you hate it!



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